27 april 2017


Can you introduce yourself in a short way ?
Hey! here is eDUB, I'm a 24 years old DJ/Producer from Almería (Spain)

How did everything start for you ?
I started about 8 years ago, doing hip hop beats and dubstep as a hobby, later drum and bass and finally hardcore/crossbreed.

When did you last feel nervous?
Every time I get on a fucking airplane :)

What are you up to at the moment ? Any releases ? Remixes ? Secret stuff you want to share with us ?
Right now I'm about to release a 4 track EP with OBLIVION with a lot of variety, from 150 to 210 BPM, and probably another release in a few months more focused on crossbreed.

About the remixes, I'm doing a couple of remixes for N-vitral and Stormtrooper that sound brutal, and I have a lot of hot material now :)

What would you like to realise or become in your artist career ?
My dream is to make a track with justin bieber ❤ It would also be nice to have a release in PRSPCT.

What is the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a gig?
Well, once playing in Spain someone from the dance floor threw me a fisher hat and a bra to the mixer haha

What would be your ultimate holiday destination?
The Norwegian Fjords or maybe Thailand :P

Any tips for the younger generation who wants to follow your steps ?
The most important thing is to never stop making good music !

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home ?
A bit of everything, from hardcore to techno, drum and bass, hip hop, some dubstep...
I do not care about styles if what I hear is good.

What is your all time music top 3?
difficult question, talking about hardcore I would say these:

I:gor - Total Confusion

The Outside Agency ft N-Vitral - Sam’s Gospel

Sa†an - Meat

Who are your favourite (maybe new) artists ?
Sei2ure, I:gor, Dither, The Outside Agency... about the new artists The sa†an and Penta are amazing.

Final shouts
I would like to thank you all for the great support I am receiving, I would never have imagined a welcome so good for my music !!

See you at the party with a beer :)