19 april 2016


Can you introduce yourself in a short way ?
Im Goetia aka Riot Girl, dj/producer of hardcore and terrorcore music.

How did everything start for you ?
I think the magic worked when I saw for the first time Liza 'N' Eliaz performing in 2000.
I knew that I wanted to produce this kind of music, later in 2002, Deborah from Audiogenic contacted me, and then my first release saw the light on Neurotoxic rec!

When did you last feel nervous?
I feel nervous every time before I perform.
It’s a good feeling, because at this moment, you feel 100% alive and remind you why you do that!
You give and receive back an impressive energy from the crowd, which is one of the best experience to get in artist’s life!

What are you up to at the moment ? Any releases ? Remixes ? Secret stuff you want to share with us ?
im working on my new EP, and another secret project but this will be announced in time ;-)

What would you like to realise or become in your artist career ?
As producer, I'm always learning to improve my creativity, design new music that have this intense vibe, to push the technical limits and of course to continue to spread the music all over the world.

Also, i would like to share my vision about the hard music, especially with people who never experienced it before, sometimes you can hear people talking about it with unsubstantial opinions, but what they ignore is that they improve themselves every day with love, fear, rage... Those are all honest emotions, it’s all about a balance, hard music contains all these emotions!

It offers everything that other music brings but with an extra, the hidden face of the moon ;-)

Any tips for the younger generation who wants to follow your steps?
Through my tracks as "No surrender", "Unbreakable" or "Shine now" ...I always try to inspire my family, people around me, they are my first source of inspiration.

You can create your own path by staying true, strong when facing life’s struggles, being yourself by yourself with that glorious middle finger, no matter what others think. Just try your best, believe on your chance and that’s the riot way ;-)

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home ?
I mostly listen to beat maker’s stuff from different styles, and other hardcore producers.

What is your all time music top 3?
They are so many sick tunes, but when I listen to theses tracks, I always have goose bumps

Nasenbluten – Cuntface

DJ Skinhead – The Ultimate Cumshot

The Outside Agency - Headphone Wisdom

Who are your favourite (maybe new) artists ?
I like music from many artists, I randomly have favorites, for ex this year I really appreciated the tracks from Angernoizer, Sei2ure and F.Noize...
Because they bring new vibes, and of course all the new artists I push on my label "Dual kore", artists with potential....

Without being too selective, I usually put on my podcast/liveset some of my fav tunes and this concern every artist across generation from the fast core :)

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