25 march 2016

Can you introduce yourself in a short way ?
Hi I m Erica, first of all I’m addicted to hardcore DJ-ing. I really love this kind of music.
My sound is dark and atmospheric, it's like a hammer!!

How did everything start for you ?
7 years ago I went to a hardcore party with some friends, because one of them, Nicolò aka Dj Interceptorz, was already playing this music.
It was strange cause in contrast to to my first idea I really enjoyed it, and this music left me with a good feeling !

Since that moment I started to follow the main hardcore djs. Day by day this music became a part of my life, I starded to play too and then to produce!
I can't say thank you enough to Nicolò for introducing me to this world !

When did you last feel nervous?
I think that I’ll never stop to feel nervous ahahah. When I have to play adrenaline takes over, but this is a positive feeling! This keeps me up and make me loose myself into the music!

What are you up to at the moment ? Any releases ? Remixes ? Secret stuff you want to share with us ?
I’m working on a lot of tracks, also some collabs of course, and workong on my solo EP that will be released in next months. I'm busy with many things, I'm sure you will like it ! :)

What would you like to realise or become in your artist career ?
I am really proud of what I have reached right now, but I am ambitious, so I know that I can do more than this.
If u believe in dreams you have to do your best to reach them. I Hope that my music could reach all hardcore lovers and even those not addicted...why not? :D

Any tips for the younger generation who wants to follow your steps?
If u have passion follow it and believe in what are you doing.

In every way of art, like music, u have to bring something new, if people feel your emotions you are doing it right. Never sell yourself and always be humble.

This way of life takes a lot of determination cause it’s not that easy; u always have to improve yourself and your music.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home ?
I listen all kind of music cause I have to take inspiration from every music style, and from what I listen and I see around me...Other music that I love is reagge, so when I’m at home and I want to relax myself I put this on.

What is your all time music top 3?
Too Many tracks are masterpieces but these are in my top chart!

Tha Playah - Why so serious
Noize Suppressor - Fingerz
Art of Fighters - Nirvana of Noise

Who are your favourite (maybe new) artists ?
When I started to listen hardcore I followed differents djs with differents styles, one of them was Anime, I liked her so much because I saw her as a source of inspiration.

My musical taste changed over the years, I’m constantly growing just like my bpm’s brutality! Eheheh
Right now there are many talented guys, like F.Noize, System Overload, Andy the Core, Onesimk, Unrest, and definitely i believe that SVK will be the next to get noticed.

Final shouts
Let's go hard !!!